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Natali de la Vida 

Natali has been a student of yoga since first accompanying her mom to a class at the impressionable age of 14. Immediately fascinated by the sense of well being and peace of mind she found, she has since studied Hatha Yoga in a variety of styles. In 2008 she dove into a Mukti Yoga teacher training in Mexico and immediately started offering community classes to the local women in the town. In these classes, she discovered her purpose of empowering others to heal themselves through the practice of yoga. In the last 7 years as a yoga teacher, she has shared her unique version of the ancient practice throughout her travels of the Americas, and now is settling down in Troncones, Mexico. She continues to teach her community class at the elementary school down the road in La Majahua, offers a weekly class schedule on Manzanillo Bay at Los Raqueros (open to the public) and is always available to teach private classes as well.

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